Our Writers

Shannon Wilson

Writing is our way of sharing the happy, sad, fun, exhausting, wonderful and very privileged journey. Ultimately it is our goal to go back to Africa, invest in our beautiful home and become apart of the wheel of change that has already started in Zimbabwe.

Harjit Sohotey-Khan

Living out of a backpack also taught me that I didn’t need so much stuff in my life. It made me appreciate what I had back home and inspired me to think of a more ethical approach to life.

Inspiration Highway

I live in my own whimsical, nature-inspired world & love to write about travel, style, food and homewares.

Matthew and Tracy DeJong

We are a husband and wife team who write about how to make dream vacations for your and kids a reality without mortgaging your house or draining the college account.

Harman Young

I am someone who loves road trips.  Follow my work and you might just turn into a “roadie”.

Lee Wright

I write about the pleasures and pains of Disney vacations–it is a real word after all!

Kim Flannigan

I inspire the solo female adventurer, while trying to promote eco-friendly tourism and cultural preservation.

The Cultural Story-Weaver

I enjoy sharing real-life stories about my own cross-cultural family, travel adventures, language learning journey, global foods, and “faux pas” bloopers along the way!  My desire is to build cultural awareness, understanding, and appreciation so that we can expand our global tapestry — right where we are! Please visit at: www.culturalstoryweaver.com

Jim Murty

I am Ireland’s Travel Editor of the Year and an award-winning Travel Writer.  I specialise in history, culture and hostelry.